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International Symposium on
Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants

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Organohalogen Compounds Database Search

The Organohalogen Compounds
(OHC) database

Maintained at this web site, the Organohalogen Compounds database, contains all of the short papers presented at the annual Dioxin Symposia since 1990, with the exception of those that the authors requested not be included or that did not meet the format required for inclusion.

The database can be searched by typing the desired search terms (e.g., author(s), key word(s), and/or year) into the box below and selecting “Search”. The search program identifies matches through a review of the titles, authors and year of the papers in the database; it does not scan the text of the body of the papers themselves. Since the search program only allows for a single level search of the database, if your selected search terms return too many papers, you will need to refine the search to reduce the number of database hits.